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Who We Are

BECAUSE WE CARE II, INC is an organization serving adults and children with mental health disorders in the State of Virginia through a group, family, and one-on-one counseling. The program provides mental health skill-building learning for persons with mental health disorders and developmental disabilities.
Our program assists the individual toward goals of training to reach his or her maximum physical, social, emotional, and intellectual potential. Our ultimate goal is to have individuals acquire those skills that will enable them to function as independently as possible.

Our Mission

The mission of BECAUSE WE CARE II, INC is to empower and foster hope by repairing and rebuilding broken relationships while bridging the gap between the home & community to teach strategies and techniques to help strengthen and improve their mental health, physical health, independence, and overall well-being. We allow individuals to live in the least restrictive environment that is appropriate to their needs.

Our Vision

We strive to be the most trusted behavioral health care provider in Virginia and the surrounding communities.

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